Circling Home

Circling Home

ISBN: 978-0820333489

Pages: 224

Publisher: University of Georgia Press (2009)

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John Lane’s newest book from UGA Press.

After many years of limited commitments to people or places, writer and naturalist John Lane married in his late forties and settled down in his hometown of Spartanburg, in the South Carolina piedmont. He, his wife, and two stepsons built a sustainable home in the woods near Lawson’s Fork Creek.

Reviews & Blurbs

“Two verbs: to roam, to home. Nature writers, going back at least to the great T’ang Dynasty poets, have wrestled with these two urges. John Lane spent the first half of his life roaming and writing about life on the move. Now comes Circling Home, his big-hearted account of settling down with a family and homing in on the richly textured landscape that surrounds his new hearth. Like Wendell Berry and Wes Jackson before him, John Lane superbly demonstrates the virtues and the obstacles of becoming native to one place.”

-Erik Reece, author of Lost Mountain: A Year in the Vanishing Wilderness

“John Lane puts a saucer down on the topographical map of his homeplace and finds within that circle ‘a theory and practice of settlement.’ Circling Home recounts the ‘adventure travel’ he does within that one-mile radius. Whether building a sustainable home with his new wife, kayaking the flooded creek with his stepsons, walking the golf course with his naturalist’s eye, or unearthing local history in conversation with his neighbors, Lane writes with beautiful care and attention. This book makes very good company for anyone trying to live a more intentional life.”

-Alison Hawthorne Deming, author of Writing the Sacred into the Real

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