Full Publication List

Publications List 8/2011


Redemption Ecology & Other Essays (Mercer University Press, forthcoming, Spring 2012)

My Paddle to the Sea a book-length personal narrative (Athens & London: The University of Georgia Press, Spring 2004; republished in paperback by UGA Press, forthcoming Fall 2011)

Abandoned Quarry New & Selected Poems (Mercer University Press, March 2011)

The Best of the Kudzu Telegraph– a selection of columns from The Community Journal (Spartanburg, SC: Hub City Writers Project, September 2008)

Circling Home–a book-length personal narrative (Athens & London: the University of Georgia Press, November 2007; republished in paperback by UGA Press, Winter 2009)

Chattooga: Descending into the Myth of Deliverance River — a book-length personal narrative (Athens & London: The University of Georgia Press, Spring 2004; republished in paperback by UGA Press, Fall 2005)

Noble Trees of the SC Upstate — coffee table photo book including 14 poems (Spartanburg, SC: Hub City Writers Project, 2003)

Waist Deep in Black Water — a collection of personal essays (Athens & London: The University of Georgia Press, Fall 2002; republished in paperback by UGA Press, Spring 2004)

Against Information & Other Poems — poetry (Cullowhee, NC: New Native Press, 1995)

Weed Time: essays from the edge of a country yard — a collection of personal essays (Charlotte, NC: Briarpatch Press, 1993. Reissued by Holocene, 1995)

As the World Around Us Sleeps — poetry (Charlotte, NC: Briarpatch Press, 1992. Reissued by Holocene 2006)


Literary Dogs and their South Carolina Writers co-edited with Betsy Teter (Spartanburg: Hub City Books, forthcoming)

A Packet for Vince Miller co-edited with Donald Greiner (Spartanburg, SC: Holocene Publications, 2002)

The Woods Stretched for Miles: Contemporary Nature Writing from the South, co-edited with Gerald Thurmond (Athens, GA: The University of Georgia Press, 1999)

Hub City Christmas: 31 Spartanburg Writers Trim the Literary Tree, co-edited with Betsy Wakefield Teter (Spartanburg, SC: Holocene Publications, November 1997)

Hub City Anthology: Spartanburg Writers & Artists, co-edited with Betsy Teter (Spartanburg, SC: Holocene Publications, April 1996)


The Once-Again Wilderness: Following Wendell Berry into Kentucky’s Red River Gorge, co-edited with Jeremy Jones- (Spartanburg, SC: Holocene Publications, 2000)
The Dead Father Poems — (Raleigh, NC: Horse & Buggy Press, Fall 2000)
Something Rare as a Dwarf-flowered Heartleaf — (Save the Mary Elizabeth Woods, 1999)
Against Information: A Broadside — (Cullowhee, NC: New Native Press, 1994)
Usumacinta Journey — a collaborative journal from Mexico- (Spartanburg, SC: Holocene Publications, 1992)
Body Poems — (Cullowhee, NC: New Native Press, 1991)
Quartz Mountain Daybook — (Oklahoma City, OK: OSAI publications, 1987)
Quarries — (Davidson, NC: Briarpatch Press, 1985)
Thin Creek — (Port Townsend, Washington: Copper Canyon Press, 1978)



Flycatcher — “Hope Town Harbor, Abacos” (on-line, forthcoming) 2011
Flycatcher — “Sketch: Spring” (on-line, forthcoming) 2011
Flycatcher — “Pete’s Pub, Little Harbor” (on-line, forthcoming) 2011
Flycatcher — “Boat Hippies” (on-line, forthcoming) 2011
Nature Croons — “Pastoral Retreat” (on-line & print) 2011
Nature Croons — “Thinking at Altitude” (on-line & print) 2011
Nature Croons — “Smuggler’s Cove” (on-line & print) 2011
Nature Croons – “Questions in the Courtyard of the Administrators” (on-line & print) 2011
Academy of American Poets Poem-a-Day — “The Truth About the Present” (On-line) 2011
Undefined– “The New Year” (SC) 2011
Praxilla — “The Mad Kayaker Thinks of Waders” (on-line) 2011
Praxilla — “The Mad Kayaker Hears the River Flood” (on-line) 2011
Praxilla — “The Mad Kayaker Teaches his Wife to Roll” (on-line) 2011
Praxilla — “The Mad Kayaker Surveys his Gear” (on-line) 2011
Praxilla — “The Mad Kayaker Sees Himself as a Skateboard Punk Boater” (on-line) 2011
Praxilla — “The Mad Kayaker Dreams of Waterfalls” (on-line) 2011
Asheville Poetry Review — “Falling Asleep at the Chinse Opera” 2010
The Cortland Review — “Lunas” (on-line) Fall 2010

Literary Bird Journal — “Small Change Over Deep Time” (AZ) Summer 2009
Wofford Today — “Stubborn” (SC) 2008
Hawk & Handsaw — “The Journey” (VT) 2008
StorySouth — “Old Rob and the Free-Range Chickens” (on-line) 2008
Town Creek Poetry — “Heart Pine” (on-line) 2007
Town Creek Poetry — “Our Half-Finished House” (on-line) 2007
Town Creek Poetry — “My Sister Cleans Out my Ears” (on-line) 2007
Rivendale — “Old Rob Goes to Wal-Mart” [NC] 2007
South Carolina Review — “The Fear Program” [SC] 2005
South Carolina Review — “First Psalm of the Mad Kayaker” [SC] 2005
House Organ — “Final Poem” 2003 [OH]
Tar River Poetry — “The Idiot Magnet” [NC]2001
Poetry Motel — “The Progress of Bees” (MN) 2000
The New Review — “The Journey” [SC] 1999
The New Review — “In Our Neighborhood” [SC] 1999
The New Review — “My Dead Father Dressing” [SC] 1999
Quarter After Eight — “How to Make a View Lot” [OH]1999
Quarter After Eight — “Huxley” [OH] 1999
Isle — “Antelope Among Cattle” [NV] 1999
Isle — “Solstice Bonfire” [NV] 1999
Isle — “Reading Gary Snyder” [NV] 1999
Isle — “Cirque of the Towers” [NV] 1999
Chattahoochee Review — “My Dead Father Steps Out of Line” [GA] 1998
Chattahoochee Review — “My Dead Father Makes Us Breakfast” [GA] 1998
Chattahoochee Review — “My Dead Father Puts in a Garden” [GA] 1998
W.P. Journal — “The Peripheral Poets: A Manifesto” (Dublin, Ireland) 1998
Alkali Flats — “Old Rob Goes Blind” [MT] 1998
Alkali Flats — “Outing Program” [MT] 1998
Interim — “My Dead Father Watches Traffic Pass” [NV] 1998
Poetry Northwest — “My Dead Father Settles In” [WA] 1998
Poetry Northwest — “My Dead Father Rebuilds my Engine” [WA] 1998
Tar River Poetry — “My Dead Father Hands Out Advice” [NC] 1997
Tar River Poetry — “My Dead Father Visits my Mother” [NC] 1997
Tar River Poetry — “My Dead Father on Vacation” [NC] 1997
Puerto Del Sol — “My Mother & the Babe” 1997 (NM)
The Wofford Journal — “Memory of Peppers” 1997 (SC)
The Wofford Journal — “Sea Grapes” 1997 (SC)
Virginia Quarterly Review —”My Dead Father Surveys the Patterns” 1997
Virginia Quarterly Review — “Morning” 1997 (VA)
Virginia Quarterly Review — “My Dead Father’s By-pass” 1997 (VA)
Point — “Love Poem” 1997 (SC)
Point — “For the Morning” 1997 (SC)
Point — “River” 1997 (SC)
Point — “Spanish Leather” 1997 (SC)
Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review — “Milk & Bread” 1996 (VA)
Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review — “The Day the War Ended” 1996 (VA)
You Year: The Point Poetry Anthology — “Exchange Rates” 1996 (SC)
The Higgensville Reader — “Fog and Moon” 1996 (NJ)
The Higgensville Reader — “The Morning I Saw” 1996 (NJ)
House Organ — “The Muse is Looking For ” 1996 (OH)
Patagonia Winds — “The Beaded Lizard” 1996 (SC)
The Asheville Poetry Review — “Certainty” 1995 (NC)
The New Review — “Near Lattimore”1995 (SC)
The New Review — “A Love Story Machado Would Tell Another Way” 1995
The New Review — “Persimmons” 1995 (SC)
The New Review — “Walking the Dogs” 1995 (SC)
House Organ — “Crossing the Border at Brownsville” 1995 (OH)
Nexus — “Health Care Plan” 1994 (OH)
Nexus — “The Bottom Line” 1994 (OH)
Petroglyph — “Above Bone Ring Lake” 1994 (UT)
Nexus — “Light” 1994 (OH)
Point — “Against Information” 1994 (SC)
The Naked Fundamentalist — “Pipe Fitting” 1994 (SC)
45/96 Sampler of SC Poetry — “Heaven, Approaching Forty” 1993 (SC)
The Northstone Review — “San Antonio, Cayo District” 1993 (MN)
The Northstone Review — “Jungle Training School” 1993 (MN)
The Northstone Review — “The Watch” 1993 (MN)
Rough Beast — “The Mosquitoes 1993 (NC)
House Organ — “Topes” 1993 (OH)
The Sandhills Review — “And Then: A Narrative” 1993 (NC)
House Organ — “Crossing the Border at Brownsville” 1993 (OH)
The Louisville Review — “Tony Dorsett & his Band” 1992 (KY)
Snake Nation Review — “My Dead Father Speaks” 1991 (GA)
Cold-Drill — “The Dream of the Unnamed Owl” 1991 (OH)
Cimmaron Review — “Along the Little Betsie” 1988 (OK)
Nimrod — “Blue Blossoms” 1987 (OK)
Stone Country — “Duo” 1987 (MA)
The Asheville Arts Journal — “Chekhov Visits my Kitchen” 1986 (FL)
South Florida Poetry Review — “Reading Reynolds Price” 1986 (FL)
South Florida Poetry Review — “Catching Crocodiles” 1986 (FL)
South Florida Poetry Review — “Morning Exercise” 1986 (FL)
South Florida Poetry Review — “Crab Meat” 1986 (FL)
St. Andrews Review — “Homage to Gorky in Spring” 1986 (NC)
Loblolly — “By Bus to Saint Augustine-Pine Ridge” 1985 (NC)
Loblolly — “Mom’s on the Square” 1985 (NC)
Loblolly — “Hotel Mopan” 1985 (NC)
Illuminations — “Memory” 1985 (SC)
Cripple Creek Review — “The Gathering” 1984 (SC)
South Carolina Review — “Grounds for Divorce” 1984 (SC)
Virginia Quarterly Review — “Road Gang” 1984 (VA)
Virginia Quarterly Review — “Building the Pheasant Cage” 1984 (VA)
Columbia: A Magazine of Poetry & Prose — “The River Falling” 1983 (NY)
Columbia: A Magazine of Poetry & Prose — “The Distances” 1983 (NY)
The Asheville Arts Journal — “Looking at our Log Cabin” 1983 (NC)
Ploughshares — “Four Old Graves in the Virginia Woods” 1982 (MA)
Ploughshares — “Seeing Wild Horses” 1982 (MA)
Mickle Street Review — “Prologue to the Three Kingdoms” 1981 (NJ)
Blair & Ketchem’s Country Journal — “At Cherokee Ford” 1981 (VT)
Blair & Ketchem’s Country Journal — “Three Stories Concerning Cougars” 1981 (VT)
Skyline — “Wreckage” 1981 (VA)
Skyline — “Keelmen Heaving Coals by Moonlight” 1981 (VA)
The New Virginia Review — “Quarries” 1980 (VA)
The New Virginia Review — “Returning Home, Saxon Mills” 1980 (VA)
Harvard Magazine — “Waking in the Blue Ridge” 1980 (MA)
Ironwood — “The Small Losses” 1980 (AZ)
Stone Country — “The Homecoming of Osceola” 1980 (MA)
Stone Country — “Leaving, or the Poor & the Snow” 1980 (MA)
Nature-Science Center Journal — “Ospreys” 1979 (SC)
The Davidson Miscellany — “Tom’s Farm” 1979 (NC)
The Spartanburg Metro — “My Mother Speaking” 1979 (SC)
Atlanta Gazette — “The Story of the River” 1978 (GA)
Roots & Branches — “What it’s Like to be Warm” 1978 (WA)
Greenhouse — “Swimming at Bristol Falls, Vt” 1978 (NH)
Greenhouse — “After Seeing Paul Klee’s Hamamet with Mosque” 1978 (NH)
Pulp — “Canada” 1978 (RI)
The Davidson Miscellany — “Trade” 1977 (NC)
The Davidson Miscellany — “Anderson’s Mill” 1977 (NC)
The Davidson Miscellany — “The Relic” 1977 (NC)
The Davidson Miscellany — “Drift” 1977 (NC)
Osceola — “The Print Maker” 1977 (SC)
Icarus — “Viewing the Body” 1977 (OH)
Pandora: The Humanities — “The Clam Diggers” 1977 (MI)
The Concept — “Boston & Providence” 1976 (SC)
The Concept — “Conversation at a Bar” 1976 (SC)
The Charlotte Observer — “Birds” 1976 (NC)

Prairie Schooner — “Sardis” (personal essay) Feb 2011
Terrain.org — “A Hole in Time” (personal essay) Fall 2009
Sandlapper — “Batter Up! Fish Camps of Upcountry” Summer 2009
South Carolina Review — “The Girl in the River” (article) 2008
Sandlapper — “The Cheeseburgers of Spartanburg” (article with Deno Trakas) Winter 2007
Rivendale “Mountain Summer” (personal essay) 2007
Watershed Journal– “ReGenesis” (personal essay) Fall/Winter 2006
ISLE–“Circumambulation” (personal essay) Winter 2006
Heartstone — “Wild Piedmont” (personal essay) winter 2006
Ecotone — “Coachwhip” (personal essay) winter 2006
The South Carolina Review — “On the Chattooga”(personal essay) spring 2005
The Upstate Advocate — “Glendale Mill Fire” (article) Fall 2004
The Nantahala Review — “Chattooga: A Personal History” (personal essay) Spring 2004
Kestrel — “Slurry” (personal essay) Fall 2001
The Southern Review — “One Family Line” (personal essay) Fall 2000
Smoky Mountain News (Waynesville, NC) — “No Back of Beyond” (commentary): August 15, 2000
Smoky Mountain News (Waynesville, NC) — “Sols Creek Falls” (article) July 1, 2000
VOICE Literary Supplement — “The Once-Again Wilderness” (personal essay) November 16, 2000
The State Paper — “Bill Belleville’s River of Lakes…” (book review) February, 2000
The Upstate Advocate — “The Future of Spartanburg County” (article) Winter 2000
Fourth Genre — “Medicine Wheel” ( personal essay) Winter 2000
Orion Afield — “Finding the Real in Real Estate” (personal essay) Winter 2000
House Organ — “Look Back at Pinsky’s Situation of Poetry (brief essay) December 1999
Asheville Poetry Review — “Native American Poetry” (essay/review) Fall 1999
ISLE — “Christoper Camuto”s Another Country (book review) Winter 1999
Terra Nova: Nature & Culture — “Death by Water” (personal essay) December 1998
Orion — “Christopher Camuto”s Another Country (book review) April 1998
The State Paper — “Question Reality” (op-ed) April 1, 1998
The State Paper — “Southern Accent’s Nuances…” (op-ed) January 9, 1998
The State Paper — “Bridges to Past Disappear…” (op-ed) January 1, 1998
Nexus — “The Information Presidency” (essay) Fall 1997
The State Paper — “Suburbans” (op-ed) December 8th, 1997
Robert Frost Review — “Frost and Sandburg:An Unpublished Encounter” (essay) Fall 1997
Asheville Poetry Review — “The Big Flow: Poetry & Authority” (essay) Fall 1997
The State Paper — “The Blue Wall” (op-ed) November 3, 1997
Agni — “Gary Snyder’s Moutains and Rivers Without End (essay/review) Fall, 1997
The State Paper — “Another Dixie Rising” (op-ed), July 4th, 1997
Asheville Poetry Review — “Gary Snyder’s Primary Values” (essay) July 1996
Wofford Today — “Wofford’s Vanderbilt Connection” April 1996
Poets and Writers Magazine — “Digital Poets” (essay) March-April 1996
Wofford Today — “David Scott: Ecologist & Artist” (biographical entry) September 1995
Wofford Today — “Frost and Sandberg at Wofford” (essay) October, 1994
American Whitewater — “Waterfall Logic” (essay) July/August 1993
Point — “Rick Bass’s The Nine Mile Wolves,” (book review) May 1993
Greenline — “An Open Letter to Leon Russell” (concert review) May 1993
Greenline — “The Life and Death of Toy Caldwell” (commentary) April 1993
Point — “Gary Snyder’s No Nature,” (book review) April 1993
Greenline — “Tracked: John Gorka Live” (concert review) January 1993
German Elle — “Tieffer Suden (The South)” (essay) July 1991
Canoe — “Nantahala “90” (commentary) August 1990
Columbia Metropolitan — “Mountain Biking” (article) Winter 1990
Columbia Metropolitan — “Sea Kayaking” (article) Summer 1990
The State Paper — “Richard Ford’s Rock Springs,” (book review) Nov. 1, 1987
Southern Magazine — “Silver Creek Paddles” (article) October 1987
The State Magazine — “What is Left Returns” (commentary) Aug 23, 1987
The Communicant — “Sinewy Faith of a Strange Man” April/May 1987
The State Paper — “Susan Ludvigson’s Beautiful Noon” (book review) March 15, 1987
South Carolina Wildlife — “The Snakes of Okeetee” (article) May/June 1987
The State Magazine — “Coffee”s Shores” (commentary) Sept 7, 1986
Wofford Today — “Harrington Gave us a “Window on the World” Summer 1986
The State Magazine — “South Carolina Highway Nine” (commentary) Aug 3, 1986
American Whitewater — “Millrace Rapid on the Saluda” May/June 1986
The Communicant — “Learning from the Blackberries” May 1986
The State Magazine — “An Enveloping Passion” May 4, 1986
The State Magazine — “How the World Works: Geologist John Harrington” April 27, 1986
The State Magazine — “If the Birkenstock Fits” April 13, 1986
American Whitewater — “John Pilley”s First Law of Paddling” January/December 1986
The State Magazine — “Natural Edges” Jan 19, 1986
The State Magazine — “A Taste of Spartanburg” Nov 3, 1985
The State Magazine — “Ceremonial Time” Oct 20, 1985
The State Magazine — “The Oak and the Roses” Sept 29, 1985
The State Magazine — “Kitchen Waltz” Sept 20, 1985
The State Magazine — “Heart & Soul” Feb 10, 1985
The State Magazine — “Why I Love Falling Water” Dec 30, 1984
The State Magazine — “Who Needs Poetry?” Sept 16, 1984
The State Magazine — “So Long to Sundays” Sept 2, 1984
The State Magazine — “Cloth Confessions” July 8, 1984
The State Magazine — “For Love or Money” Jan 15, 1984
The State Paper — “Stephen Corey’s Fighting Death,” (book review) October 9, 1983
The State Magazine — “In Praise of Lay-ups” Aug 21, 1983

“The Best American Poetry” Blog:


Five years of columns (2006-2010) published in THE SPARTANBURG, GREENVILLE, AND ANDERSON JOURNALS (Circulation 60,000). For complete list of column titles see www.kudzutelegraph.com.

Contributing columnist for Blue Ridge Press Syndicate [“The Blue Ridge Press syndicated column service gives the Southeast’s editorial page editors a credible, reliable source for op-ed columns and in-depth commentary on environmental issues in the news”-web site copy]:

“Slaying School Sprawl” May 5, 2002
“A Torn Quilt” February 11,2002
“The Real Meaning of War” October 8,2001
“Invitation to Sactuary” July 7, 2001
“Come Hell or High Water” January 1, 2001
“Wading into the Water Quality Debate” November 13, 2000

Former Contributing Writer with weekly column (GSP Vortex) and commentary in Creative Loafing (Greenville-Spartanburg edition):

“The Spirit of Kudzula” (vortex commentary) August 28, 1999
“Ban Crepe Myrtle Developers” (vortex commentary) August 21, 1999
“The Carnival Against Capitalism” (cover commentary) August 14, 1999
“The Cost of Citizenship” (vortex commentary) July 31, 1999
“Private Business of Being a Poet” (vortex commentary) July 24, 1999
“Truck Karma” (vortex commentary) July 17, 1999
“Born Again Druid” (vortex commentary) July10, 1999
“Scotty’s Bad to the Bone” (cover restaurant review) June 12, 1999
“Cabbages of my own Growing” (vortex commentary) May 29, 1999
“The War Against the World” (vortex commentary) May 22, 1999
“The Rookery” (vortex commentary) May 15, 1999
“Small Food: Java Jive#2: The Lunch” (restaurant review) May 15, 1999
“Touch a Strand, the Whole Web Shakes” (vortex commentary) May 8, 1999
“Terms of Engagement” (vortex commentary) May 1, 1999
“As the Crow Flies” (vortex commentary) April 24, 1999
“Upstate Chapter of Developer’s Anonymous” (vortex commentary) April 17, 1999
“Requiem for a Local Rock Band” (cover commentary) April 17, 1999
“The Dynamics of Change” (vortex commentary) April 10, 1999
“Small Food: Java Jive #1: The Scone” (restaurant review) Apirl 10, 1999
“Bass in the Creek” (vortex commentary) April 3, 1999
“The Growth Monster” (vortex commentary) March 13, 1999
“Luck Bus” (vortex commentary) March 6, 1999
“Save the Mary Elizabeth Woods!” (vortex commentary) February 20, 1999
“Just Like in the Movies” (vortex commentary) February 6, 1999
“Gender Benders” (vortex commentary) January 30, 1999
“My Inner Luddite” (vortex commentary) January 23, 1999
“The Ice Storm” (cover commentary) January 16, 1999
“Is There a Personal Cost to Making a Killing?” (vortex commentary) January 16, 1999
“So You Want a Resolution?” (vortex commentary) January 9, 1999
“The Republic of Mulch and Shrubs” (vortex commentary) January 2, 1999
“Annual Christmas Trip to the Mall” (vortex commentary) December 26, 1998
“Masters of Sprawl” (cover commentary) December 19, 1998
“The Road Less Traveled” (vortex commentary) December 19, 1998
“Small Food: Wades II” (restaurant review) December 19, 1998
“E-Mail, Snailmail? E-Mail, Snailmail?” (vortex commentary) December 12, 1998
“Small Food: Zen and Kanpai of Tokyo” (restaurant review) December 5, 1998
“What to Make of Poetry Slams?” (vortex commentary) December 5, 1998
“Small Food: Wade’s Restaurant ” (restaurant review) November 24, 1998
“Dog Days” (vortex commentary) November 18, 1998
“The Intellectual Lives of the Great Chefs” (vortex commentary) November 11, 1998
“Shelby Foote”s Continuing Civil War” (cover commentary) November 4, 1998
“Tori Amos-Free Zone” (vortex commentary) October 17, 1998
“Jurassic Lullaby” (vortex commentary) October 10, 1998
“Sacred Groves” (vortex commentary) September 19, 1998
“Small Food: The Nu-Way Lounge” (restaurant review) September 12, 1998
“Palmetto Print: Christopher Dickey & Ron Rash” (book review) September 12, 1998
“Masks” (vortex commentary) August 29, 1998
“Godchildren” (vortex commentary) August 22, 1998
“Goat Wisdom” (vortex commentary) August 8, 1998
“This Morning I’m Having Blackberry Pancakes” (vortex commentary) August 1, 1998
“Long Live Asheville, Country of Hope” (vortex commentary) July 25, 1998
“Piedmont Hills National Park” (vortex commentary) July 18, 1998
“Imagination” (vortex commentary) July 11, 1998
“Reading Wofford” (vortex commentary) July 4, 1998
“The Carp Man” (vortex commentary) June 27, 1998
“Leadership” (vortex commentary) June 13, 1998
“Business as Usual” (vortex commentary) June 6, 1998
“Piedmont Pride” (vortex commentary) May 30th, 1998
“Welcome to the GSP Vortex” (vortex commentary) May 23, 1998

Two chapters in collaborative novel In Morgan’s Shadow (Spartanburg, SC: Hub City Writers Project, 2001).
“Salazar’s Heart” The Charleston News & Courier (SC Fiction Project) October, 1999
“Piedmont Christmas” Creative Loafing novel excerpt December 26, 1998
“Discovery Bay” The Charleston News & Courier (SC Fiction Project) short story 1994
“Before the Chicken’s Fried” The State (SC Fiction Project) short story 1984
“Leveling the Dunes” The Davidson Miscellany short story 1979

The Lawson’s Fork–a series of poems written for a one-hour video, co-directed by Terry & Michael Ferguson, (Hub City Writers Project Production, November, 2000)
“The Pheasant Cage”–a one- act play (Seneca, SC: Palmetto Play Services Acting Editions, 1997)
“The Pheasant Cage” was performed at Presbyterian College in October, 1995; and Ohio University in May, 1995, directed by William Fisher.
“Mekong,” a full-length screenplay co-written with C.L. Abercrombie, developed in 1990 for director Edward Sherin for Altion Productions in Los Angeles. Sherin is former executive producer for TV’s ER. Under option several time, most recently with Lentena Productions, Beufort, S.C.
“The Empty Pot” –CD rom adaptation of a Chinese folk tale (Nashville, TN: Little Planet Publishing, 1996)
I have also sold many video scripts for industry to companies such as Donnkenny, Milliken & Company, L.L. Bean & Kemet.


A personal essay called “Still Under the Influence: The Bioregional Origins
of the Hub City Writers Project” in the anthology The Bioregional Imagination co-edited by Tom Lynch, Cheryll Glotfelty, and Karla Ambruster (Athens & London: University of Georgia Press, forthcoming spring 2012.)
A personal essay called “Keowee” in an anthology Bartram’s Living Legacy: the Travels and the Nature of the South edited by Dorinda Dallmeyer (Mercer University Press, Fall 2010)
A personal essay called “Looking for Wildness in a Damaged Southern Lanescape” in Outdoor Adventures of the Upcountry edited by Michel Stone (Spartanburg, SC: Hub City Press, Fall 2010)
A short story called “Before the Chicken’s Fried” in an anthology Expecting Goodness and Other Stories: The Essential Fiction of Spartanburg edited by C.Michael Curtis (Spartanburg, SC: Hub City Press, 2009)
Two poems in Field Work: Modern Poems from Eastern Forests edited by Erik Reece (Lexington, Ky: The University of Kentucky Press, 2008)
Five poems in Still Home: The Essential Poetry of Spartanburg edited by Rachel Harkai (Spartanburg, SC: Hub City Writers Project, 2008)
A personal essay, “Lake Conestee,” in American Writers Respond to the Earth Charter (Athens & London: University of Georgia Press, 2008)
A personal essay, “Faith,” in Living Blue in the Red States edited by David Starkey (Lincoln, Nebraska: Univeristy of Nebraska Press, 2007)
Three poems in The Southern Poetry Anthology: South Carolina edited by Stephen Gardner and William Wright (College Station, Texas: Texas Review Press, 2007)
Four poems in a Millennial Sampler of South Carolina Poetry edited by Gilbert Allen and William C. Rogers (Greenville, SC: Ninety-Six Press, 2005)
Six poems in Twenty: The South Carolina Poetry Fellows (Spartanburg, SC: Hub City Writers Project, 2005)
Six poems in Elemental South, a collection of Southern nature writing, edited by Dorinda Dalmeyer (Athens & London: The University of Georgia Press, 2004)
Three poems in Manifestations: The d’Ats Literary Anthology, Edited by Gary Corseri (Atalnta, GA: The DeKalb Council for the Arts, 2004)
A personal essay, “River Wild,” in Adventure America (Washington, DC: National Geographic Press, 2002).
A personal essay, “Confluence: Pacolet River,” in Heart of a Nation: Writers and Photographers Inspired by the American Landscape (Washington, DC: National Geographic Press, 2000).
Six poems in The Lawson’s Fork: Headwaters to Confluence, written by David Taylor & Gary Henderson (Spartanburg, SC: Hub City Writers Project, 2000)
A personal essay, “The Inheritance of Autumn” one of 12 essays in A Year in Place edited by Bret Lott (The University of Utah Press, 2000)
A personal essay, “Mistletoe,” in Hub City Christmas : 32 Spartanburg Writers Trim the Literary Tree (Spartanburg, SC: Holocene, 1997)
A personal essay, “Natural Edges,” in In Short: An Anthology of Short Creative Nonfiction Edited by Judith Kitchen & Mary Paumier Jones (New York, NY: WW Norton, 1996)
A personal essay “Walking Kelsey Creek” in Hub City Anthology: Spartanburg Writers & Artists (Spartanburg, SC: Holocene, 1996)
Three sections of the poem “Against Information” in Coffee House Poetry Anthology Edited by June King and Larry Smith (Huron, OH: Bottom Dog Press, April 1996)
A poem “Exchange Rates” in You Year: New Poems by Point Poets Edited by Thomas Johnson (Columbia, SC: Harbinger Publications, 1996)
Five poems in 45/96: An Anthology of South Carolina Poets Edited by William Aarns (Greenville, SC: Ninety-Six Press, 1995)

Foreword to Cottonwood Trail (Spartanburg, SC: Hub City Writers Project, 2006)
“Donald Hall,” an entry for The Encyclopedia of New England Culture (Darthmouth, NH: The University Press of New England, 2005).
Foreword to Ossabaw: Evocations of an Island (Athens & London: The University of Georgia Press, 2004)
“Power of the Shoals” an entry written for Textile Town: Spartanburg County, South Carolina, edited by Betsy Wakefield Teter (Spartanburg, SC: Hub City Writers Project, 2002).
Introduction to Memories of Cleveland Park, published by Stop the Violence (Nashville, TN: Write Together Publishing, 2001).
Introduction to The Place I Live: Hub City Kids Write About Home (Spartanburg, SC: Hub City Writers Project, 2001).
“The Year in Poetry 1999” 12 page essay/review of year’s production in contemporary poetry in Dictionary of Literary Biography Yearbook (The Gale Group: A Bruccoli Clark Layman Book, 2000)
“The Year in Poetry 1998” 12 page essay/review of year’s production in contemporary poetry in Dictionary of Literary Biography Yearbook (The Gale Group: A Bruccoli Clark Layman Book, 1999)
“The Year in Poetry 1997” 12 page essay/review of year’s production in contemporary poetry in Dictionary of Literary Biography Yearbook (The Gale Group: A Bruccoli Clark Layman Book, 1998)
Foreword to Nine Days in Union: the Search for Alex and Michael Smith by Gary Henderson (Spartanburg, SC: Honoribus Press, 1995).
Introduction to No Wrong Mountain: A World Journal by Ingrid Hutto (Spartanburg, SC: Holocene, 1990).

An episode of poetry and music by John Lane & Mark O’Connor broadcast on “The Romantic Hours,” hosted by Mona Galabek and carried on 100 NPR stations nationwide (Network Chicago: WFMT Radio Network) March 20, 2004.
Four poems, written in collaboration with Nashville fiddler Mark O’Connor, appeared as liner notes in O’Connor’s Sony Classical release, Midnight on the Water, April 1998. Four of the tracks take their titles from the poems.
Two songs, “Split-level Woman (co-written with C.L. Abercrombie, Peter Cooper and Baker Maultsby), and “Love’s Refugee” (co-written with Peter Cooper and Baker Maultsby) appear on Baker Maultsby’s Bingo=Sin, June 1998.
“Split-level Woman” played as background to a scene on the nationally broadcast NBC sit-com “Maggie Winters,” February 4, 1999.
A 30-minute interview program on “The Writers’ Circle” of South Carolina with Patty Just. SC Educational Televison, broadcast in 1996.
A 30-minute video of the poem “Against Information” produced by video artist Michael Ferguson, 1996.
An improvisational performance of “Against Information” with musician Greg Olson appeared on the tape Live at the Green Door from Fern Hill Records, 1994.

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