Into the Wild

Every morning at 8 A.M. our dog Toby gets off the couch and starts bugging me to go out. He’s a creature of habit, and our habit, rain or shine, is to take a ritual morning walk. “Into the wild,” I always joke as I head out the side door. Our walk is “off-road” on a narrow trail. I guess it’s a little less than a mile. Though not a trip into the Alaska back...

Migration Station

For the last two weeks I’ve been seeing the monarchs migrating through. No, I don’t mean that convoys of kings and queens have been trucking down the interstate. I’m talking about the most royal of butterflies, the orange, black, and white monarch. Monarchs share the upstate with many butterflies, the brown skippers, the yellow-green sulphurs, the yellow and black and the blue...

There’s a Vast Green Desert Among Us

I don’t spend much time channel surfing, but the other morning I was stuck in the house waiting for the cable man, and I wandered into a program on ANIMAL PLANET called “Backyard Habitat.” I’ll admit I was fascinated. On the program a perky former Miss Florida in khaki pedal pushers and a friendly naturalist from the National Wildlife Federation fly all over the country...

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